Aotearoa America Trust - Travel Scholarships, 2018.

Seed the Change | He Kākano Hāpai, on behalf of the Maarire Goodall Estate, is delighted to announce that applications are open for to New Zealand-based students and researchers to travel to the United States to attend conferences or study programmes.

The travel scholarship will enable recipients continue existing conversations, take the next steps on their journey, and represent Aotearoa, New Zealand. 

The Travel Scholarship

There are 10 scholarships available, of up to $4,000 NZD each. This is to cover costs including:

  • International travel

  • Accommodation

  • Conference fees

  • Per diem stipend


It is envisaged that the award’s recipients will be students and researchers at the Masters level and higher, but applicants with similar non-academic qualifications achieved through professional experience and public and community service will be considered.

Emphasis will be placed on applications relating to areas of interest to Dr Maarire Goodall, Seed The Change | He Kākano Hāpai, and the various activities and entities supported by them, including but not limited to:

  1. Medical research, including cancer research, orthopaedics (and especially the treatment of clubfoot), genetics (including nail patella syndrome), the treatment and eradication of blood borne viruses (including AIDS and Hepatitis C), and Māori and Pacific Island health;

  2. The study of indigenous sovereignty, rights, development, culture, language and arts;

  3. Artistic expression through all forms of writing;

  4. Regenerative environmental initiatives including especially reforestation, habitat restoration, and the just transition to a zero carbon future, and;

  5. Human rights, social inclusion and Buddhist studies.

In this 2018 round, priority will be given to those studying blood borne viruses, especially HCV.

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