In addition to our gifts we contribute our time, skills and networks to projects to seed, support, or grow an intiative. Our projects are the building blocks with which we address specific issues, intentionally seeking mutually reinforcing connections between them. We use this intentionality to work towards systemic change within our sustainable and equitable themes. 


drinkable rivers

Seed the Change is proud to support the Drinkable Rivers project, providing seed support to enable the first data sensor to be purchased and installed, and to support the team as it launched this regenerative project. This is the first step towards driving the conversation on water quality and healthy eco-systems.

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Gautama Buddha Free School

Access to education is a fundamental human right. Gautama Buddha Free School enables children from lower caste families to receive an education they would not otherwise have. Children learn valuable life skills, enabling them to go on to achieve greater than they were expected to at birth.

Interested in making a significant difference to the lives of children? Read more here…


The Hillary Institute

The Hillary Institute honours Sir Edmund Hillary’s extraordinary legacy of leadership. It's Laureate award programme is globally focused, with one Laureate selected annually - a leading social entrepreneur who also embodies the humanitarian commitment of Sir Ed.  The Institute and its Laureates are closely aligned to our work.

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Capital for Life

Capital for Life is a Ugandan social enterprise building a micro finance loan portfolio. There is unmet demand from the people living in Mukono District. They don't want hand outs, they long to generate a sustainable income source for their families. Capital for Life now needs to secure capital meet the demand for micro-loans and expand its range of services.  

Help us grow this thriving organisation.  Read more...  

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Hep C Action aotearoa

We are proud to help incubate this national campaign to eliminate hepatitis C in Aotearoa New Zealand by 2025, five years ahead of the WHO guidelines. Seeding this initiative has the potential to save hundreds of lives and many millions of scarce health system dollars every year.

Come help us "slay the dragon"


Te ORA Awards

The annual Maarire Goodall award, established in 1997, celebrates mid-career Māori health professionals who are leaders and change makers in their communities. It includes an unconditional NZ$10,000 grant that can be used directly in the recipient's work, an amount that could be increased with additional funding support. Read more ... 



Aotearoa American Trust

We are currently seeding an international exchange programme between Aotearoa NZ and the United States, targeted at researchers at Masters level or equivalent.

We will begin with modest travel scholarships whilst we develop a significant annual study grant. The speed of development and scale of this award would be greatly enhanced with a larger capital base.



New Zealand Institute of Cancer Research

The Dunedin-based New Zealand Institute for Cancer Research Trust was formed in 1986, with the aim of establishing a fund to encourage and support cancer research in Aotearoa New Zealand in perpetuity.

The Trust's capital base, and therefore its capacity to advance cancer research, has increased considerably through ongoing bequests received since its establishment.  Read more...