Towards a sustainable, equitable and joyous world.

Supporting seed initiatives to manifest a sustainable, equitable, and joyous world.


In service of systems change

We support a range of inter-related projects that align with our mission and contribute to a sustainable commons.


We seed new initiatives

We provide base funding and support to help new initiatives that are tackling wicked problems see the light of day.        


We support changemakers

We support early stage organisations that are building the infrastructure and supporting ecosystems for change.


We grow potential

We make both equity investments and gifts to help scale organisations that are doing work aligned with our mission.                


Our work

All of our work is in service to helping achieve sustainable and equitable outcomes at the systems level.  

Our active projects are building blocks in this mission, addressing specific issues and intended to be both complementary to each other and mutually reinforcing. Our grant contributions support and connect aligned projects in the wider eco-system.

Our goal is that this work will be funded by a values-aligned portfolio of investments that themselves advance the mission. In our view financial capital should only invested in truly regenerative projects, investments included.

And we hold the view that intelligent collaboration is essential if we are to materially impact the issues that matter in our time; this suggests both collective action and the use of collective voice.

Current projects include:

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drinkable rivers

We believe water quality in our waterways needs to improve. Drinkable Rivers is setting out to provide real-time water quality data to show just what pollutants are in the water. Lets start the conversation and restore these precious eco-systems. Help us drink from the Avon River.

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Hep C Action Aotearoa

We are proud to help incubate this campaign to eliminate Hepatitis C in Aotearoa NZ by 2025, five years ahead of the WHO guidelines. It has the potential to save hundreds of lives and many millions of scarce health system dollars every year in New Zealand alone.

Come help us "slay the dragon"!!

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Hillary institute

The Hillary Institute identifies and recognises exceptional mid-career leaders on the global stage through its annual Laureate award programme. Its current eight Laureates come from the US, UK, China, South America, Sweden, Kiribati and India.

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The annual Maarire Goodall award, established in 1997, celebrates mid-career Māori health professionals who are leaders and change makers in their communities. It includes an unconditional NZ$10,000 grant that can be used directly in the recipient's work, an amount that could be increased with additional funding support.

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Misson / Kaupapa

Supporting infrastructure for a sustainable, equitable and joyous world


SEED THE CHANGE looks for mission-aligned projects that are mutually reinforcing.



A team of solution builders

SEED THE CHANGE | He Kākano Hāpai brings together a number of philanthropic, investing and social change instincts from two generations (and counting) of activist solution builders and a group of friends who share similar interests.


More impact, together

We’re interested in partnering with values-aligned change makers. If our focus resonates in any way let’s work together, increase our collective capacity, and seed the change we want to see in the world!