Drinkable Rivers


Michael Mayell’s Drinkable Rivers initiative aims to restore healthy river systems and improve biodiversity in our waterways so that river water is again safe enough to drink. This contrasts with the New Zealand government’s current - and extraordinarily unambitious - target of making 90 percent of the country’s rivers swimmable by 2040.

Drinkable Rivers is raising awareness of the issues by providing real-time water quality data over a range of geographies. We will be encouraging all New Zealanders to help us re-establish drinkable rivers across the country.

Photo credit:  mrandmrsjttravel.com

Photo credit: mrandmrsjttravel.com

The Avon River / ŌTĀKARO

Drinkable Rivers is starting with its first project in Christchurch on the Avon River / Ōtākaro, which meanders through the city centre.

A number of KotahiNet Internet of Things sensors will be installed in the Avon River to:

  • raise awareness of water quality issues in Christchurch. Just how safe is the water?

  • use technology to provide real-time water quality data to the people of Christchurch

  • measure the nitrate and phosphorus levels in the river which are responsible for the proliferation of aquatic plants that choke the waterways, and

  • generate discussion and encourage collective action.

Seed The Change | He Kākano Hāpai is proud to partner in the installation of the first of a series of sensors for the Avon River / Ōtākaro. Please contact us if you are interested in the opportunity to get involved, support and fund the installation of future sensors.

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